What is Cloud 9 Music?

· Cloud 9 Music is an integrated mobile music platform which offers music lovers the best of Nigerian and International music, as well as a host of other features that enhance the experience of consuming and enjoying good music.

How do I access Cloud 9 Music?

· Cloud 9 Music can be accessed using any data-enabled mobile device.
· It is available via WAP and Web, as well as mobile apps.
· The apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Windows App Store.

Do I need to subscribe to the service?

·Yes, You will need to subscribe to the service to enjoy unlimited streaming; the allotted megabytes to access the contents and much more depending on the package subscribed to. To subscribe, please visit the or send HELP to 699 from your 9mobile Line.

What is a PIN?

· PINs are automatically-generated text-based keys used to validate user logins and transaction requests. The PINs are delivered via SMS to the phone lines of subscribers.

Why do I need to use the PIN?

· You need to use the pin to verify your phone number and confirm you are an 9mobile subscriber, and to secure your transaction.

What type of Content is available on Cloud 9 Music?

· Cloud 9 portal offers much more than just music; Ring-Back Tunes, True Tones, Videos and Wallpapers… You name it, we’ve got it!

Can I download/stream content using my existing data bundle?

· All downloads come with data bundles which ensure you can get quality content without making the slightest dent on your main data bundles.

Do I incur any charges when I am subscribed to Cloud 9 Music?

· Only when you purchase content on the portal. All charges are clearly communicated before purchase takes place.

How can I search for songs?

· You can search for a song by typing the song name, artist name or album name in the search bar/icon at the top right of the portal.

Can I share content on my social media accounts?

· Yes, you totally can! Please select any of the available options; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Can I share downloaded content between devices?

· No, contents are rights-protected and cannot be transferred between devices. You can recommend Cloud 9 Music to your friends though!

Can I access Cloud 9 Music offline?

· Offline Streaming only available in APP" Download it now!

How can I unsubscribe from the service?

· To unsubscribe from Cloud 9 Music, please text STOP to 699.

What happens when I unsubscribe from Cloud 9 Music?

· All data plans, associated charges and subscriptions are deleted from your account.

Do I get the FREE Period on every subscription?

· The Free period can only be enjoyed once on a particular MSISDN (Number). If a user were to cancel his subscription and subscribe again on the same MSISDN, the FREE period will not apply.